This Week’s Fashion Spotlight!

So I decided that every Monday I would post a Fashion Spotlight! What this is going to be is where I post an article of clothing or maybe an outfit and talk about why it deserves some recognition! And this week's Fashion Spotlight goes to.. H&M Short Tank Top   This H&M tank top definitely … Continue reading This Week’s Fashion Spotlight!

Beauty Product of the Week

I've decided that every Sunday post will be dedicated to the Beauty Product of the Week! This will be a beauty product that I really like, and I'll give you the low down on why I think it's so good! It can be from a body scrub to eyeliner to hairspray! So let's begin shall … Continue reading Beauty Product of the Week

Spring Cleaning: Could This Actually be Fun?

It's that time of year again: Spring cleaning. I know, it's the dreaded task However, I do think that this is an important task. I actually think that you shouldn't wait until Spring to start going through your clothes.Β I feel like Spring cleaning is something that I dread, but once I get started I feel … Continue reading Spring Cleaning: Could This Actually be Fun?

Always Thinking of Food…

Well, I told you of my desire to eat food in my first post, so I decided to take a quick detour from fashion and head over to the love of my life: food! So what have I been craving lately? Well I have this old recipe for sugar cookies that came out when in … Continue reading Always Thinking of Food…

Tips & Tricks, Pt. 1

Everyone wants to look great without spending a lot of money on cosmetics, and here are some basic tips and tricks to help you look great without breaking your wallet! #1 I read a lot about lip exfoliating before putting on lipstick. Do I use a regular exfoliating scrub? So close to my mouth tho... … Continue reading Tips & Tricks, Pt. 1


I have never been to Vegas. Ever. I can't believe it. Never in my college career did I ever go on a group trip to Vegas. This is especially odd, since I was in a sorority, and groups of sisters would go all the time. The trips just never worked out with my school schedule! … Continue reading VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS

Spring: Ups and Downs [of weather]

Here it is in the beginning of April, a time where spring is in full force! I love spring! I love the new spring fashions being introduced and the lovely pastel colors seen in all stores! It really is a great time! The downside of it being spring (at least for me) is the lack … Continue reading Spring: Ups and Downs [of weather]

What am I Doing on Here?

So I graduated from college in June with a degree in Molecular Biology, ready to take on the world. Here I am months later, taking tests and applying to graduate school, living at home. The question is: what am I doing on here? Why am I writing a blog? Well, I love fashion. Love it. … Continue reading What am I Doing on Here?